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PDF accessibility training

Creating accessible PDF forms

We offer this one-day course on creating accessible PDF forms using Acrobat Professional ("Acroforms"). Course materials include a range of scripts for form validation and other accessibility enhancements.


Some prior knowledge of accessibility issues in general would be helpful, but is not required in order to complete this course.

When and where

We offer both on-site (UK and Europe) and scheduled open training days. Please contact us on +44 (0)1932 355 222 for details, or email

Client testimonials for this course

Trainer: Ted Page – biography

Course outline

Topics include:

  • Optimising layouts for accessibility and usability
  • Accessible text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, dropdowns and buttons
  • Understanding key screen reader version differences
  • Understanding the design implications of screen reader forms mode
  • Forms mode workarounds
  • Using simple scripts to enhance accessibility and usability
  • Tab order
  • Tagging
  • Validation
  • WCAG 2.0 "AA" compliance
  • Testing with JAWS, NVDA, ZoomText and Dragon
  • Understanding key Adobe Reader version differences


Client testimonials

Tim Morrow, President, Nimbus Business Intelligence Solutions, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Both Susan Fleming, the manager of Forms, Departmental Policy and DDS for the Public Works and Government Services department of the Canadian Federal Government and myself gained valuable insight from the Accessible PDF Forms course. We both have a good deal of experience in electronic forms design and management but only had a very basic understanding of accessible forms and documents. Ted's ability to tailor the course material and pace to meet our specific needs was very much appreciated. His knowledge and expertise on this subject is unsurpassed.

"We found the material very relevant to the needs of the federal government forms management teams. We have a new found appreciation of what is involved in the creation of accessible electronic forms and will now be taking a much different approach to form development.

"It was a long way to travel for a course but well worth it. I highly recommend PWS. We will be calling on Ted's expertise again I am sure."


Jacqui Cuthbert, University of Bradford

"Ted's expert knowledge proved invaluable in providing us with an understanding of not only how to use the tools within Adobe Acrobat Professional to create accessible pdf forms, but more importantly the concepts behind accessibility and how screen readers work with such software. We now have a much fuller understanding of the issues concerned and feel confident to produce our forms. The style of the training was relaxed and we were able to ask questions throughout. This is an excellent training course, which we would highly recommend. Thank you Ted!"


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