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David Barrett, BT Senior Inclusion and Accessibility Manager

"Anybody wishing to know more about accessible PDFs should look no further than PWS. I have no hesitation in recommending Ted and his company to anyone who needs help, advice or training in the area of accessible PDFs."

Pete Modral, Equality and Human Rights Commission

"Ted delivered fantastic training that was engaging, knowledgeable and easy to follow."

Nicola Howie, Citizens Advice

"The accessible PDF course was excellent. The training was clearly delivered and tailored to meet our needs. Ted's experience and knowledge have equipped us with the ability, understanding and confidence to create PDFs in an accessible way."

Alison Edwards, The Open University

"The ebook training was extremely valuable. Our team produces many student-facing booklets and pamphlets and we need to produce these to the highest standards as far as accessibility is concerned. We are now well equipped to publish well-structured ebooks that will be flawlessly accessible to our students."

Chris Winter, The Open University

"The training was motivating, inspiring, interesting and informative. It very clearly highlighted the untapped power within our documents and provided us with the in-depth knowledge to produce fully accessible documents at no greater time and cost to the production process. Ted's proven knowledge was delivered in a comfortable manner, with easy explanations helping to engage delegates fully with the subject matter."


Chris Lofthouse, Outreach Manager, Rica

"Ted has a very clear teaching style which made for an excellent day's training for Rica staff. A lot of information was delivered and Ted did this with skill, providing us with very comprehensive notes but also making time for useful discussion.

"It was easy to raise questions with Ted who provided useful and knowledgeable answers. This training is highly recommended—a must for all organisations committed to accessibility."


Paul Bennun, Guide Dogs for the Blind

"An excellent course. Eloquently delivered by a presenter capable of catering for an audience of varying knowledge levels."


Carol Jamieson, Sense

"Ted delivered Creating Accessible Documents training to staff from a variety of backgrounds and departments in Sense and all found it a really interesting session, which stimulated lots of discussion and made everyone feel more confident about generating documents that will meet the needs of the people we support. We would thoroughly recommend the training to others."


Pete Torkington, The Macular Disease Society

"The Macular Disease Society supports people who have lost central vision and hence find reading very difficult or impossible. We wanted to make sure that as we make information available in PDF format that it would be easy to access. PWS's training and inclusive follow-up consultancy has given us a huge head start. We now know how to create accessible PDFs, what to avoid, how to consider contrast requirements, ensure that our PDFs can be read by screen readers and how to give them structure so people can quickly navigate to the information they want. PWS's expertise and experience has saved us from making expensive and time consuming mistakes as well as guiding us to producing great PDFs that everyone can use."


Sue Day, VI Resourcing

"Ted's training was very comprehensive and provided us with much to consider and to act upon. The supporting resources were excellent and reinforced the different aspects to consider when producing accessible pdfs. Ted's knowledge is inspiring and his experience meant the training was interactive. A very good and worthwhile two days."


Grant Broome,

"…when it comes to knowledge of accessible PDF, Ted Page has no equal. There are many good agencies that can tag a PDF, but Ted is more meticulous than the rest and his post tagging test process with keyboard and multiple screen readers is second to none.

"There's PDF tagging, then there's PWS tagging. If you want to make absolutely sure that you've got it right, then go for the latter."


Howard Leicester PhD, MBCS, FRSA

Deaf-Blind Consultant in Health Informatics & Data Accessibility. Board member, UK Faculty of Health Informatics.

"Your BS8878 PDF worked beautifully for me. I could load, navigate, jump from the contents, visit websites etc all perfectly."


Yeliz Atak, Woking Borough Council

"The feedback we received after Ted's PDF accessibility training was very positive. Our employees were very complimentary of Ted's course content and of his friendly and professional approach. The training sessions were delivered in a flexible, engaging and structured manner: he was able to work at the pace of the group whilst also offering a comprehensive guidance document to refer back to.

"I would highly recommend this course to any individual or organisation keen to ensure that equality legislation is observed and that a diverse range of individuals are able to access their material effectively. There is no doubt that Ted's passion and knowledge of the area greatly aids in making this an enjoyable and positive experience. We will certainly be looking to arrange more sessions in the near future."


Tim Morrow, Nimbus Business Intelligence Solutions, Ontario, Canada

"Both Susan Fleming, the manager of Forms, Departmental Policy and DDS for the Public Works and Government Services department of the Canadian Federal Government and myself gained valuable insight from the Accessible PDF Forms course. We both have a good deal of experience in electronic forms design and management but only had a very basic understanding of accessible forms and documents. Ted's ability to tailor the course material and pace to meet our specific needs was very much appreciated. His knowledge and expertise on this subject is unsurpassed.

"We found the material very relevant to the needs of the federal government forms management teams. We have a new found appreciation of what is involved in the creation of accessible electronic forms and will now be taking a much different approach to form development.

"It was a long way to travel for a course but well worth it. I highly recommend PWS. We will be calling on Ted's expertise again I am sure."


Giuseppina Valenza, Tandridge District Council

"After a day's training with Ted, we now have in-house expertise in creating accessible PDFs. This has meant we can make sure our website documents are fully accessible. We also appreciate Ted's on-going advice, which he is always happy to give. The course was also excellent value for money, which is essential for a small district council like ours."


Jacqui Cuthbert, University of Bradford

"Ted's expert knowledge proved invaluable in providing us with an understanding of not only how to use the tools within Adobe Acrobat Professional to create accessible PDF forms, but more importantly the concepts behind accessibility and how screen readers work with such software. We now have a much fuller understanding of the issues concerned and feel confident to produce our forms. The style of the training was relaxed and we were able to ask questions throughout. This is an excellent training course, which we would highly recommend. Thank you Ted!"


Jayne Miles, Dover District Council

"Thank you Ted for the accessible PDF course. I learned so much about all the hidden Acrobat features as well as all the other accessibility tools around. I would recommend two days for anyone wanting to gain a thorough knowledge. It really is an excellent course."


Richard Creagh, Mole Valley District Council

"We have run a number of training sessions with Ted and have found that his knowledge and expertise in creating accessible PDFs is second to none. The course is in-depth but is always clear and easy to understand, it covers every aspect of creating documents from start to finish. Compared with most other courses it is a very reasonable price which we feel offers extremely good value for money. Ted's on-going general support and advice is also invaluable, he has always been willing to assist us and provide advice on a number of issues."


Jan Stebbings, Surrey Heath Borough Council

"The course covered many aspects which we had not previously thought about. (It) has taught us to make our documents more accessible to everyone and not disadvantage users with disabilities. We were really impressed with the level of expertise and the support we have received from Ted since the course was completed."


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